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Welcome to the all new Lizzy-Belle.nl! Wow, it’s been a long time … This website went off-line last fall, and due to marina’s without wifi and a lack of time, it took me a little over a year to get the new website up … But here it is, and I’m excited to be back!

This will be a soft launch, meaning I’m only telling a few people about the site for now, and slowly rebuild. For now, I’ll post to Instagram only, and take it from there. I need to do a lot of blogging before there’s any actual reading material on the site 🙂

So – what are our plans and what will future blog posts be about?

Winter is coming, and we’ll become landlubbers for a little while. We’re leaving both boats in the water, but we will be living in a container. I’m not kidding – we’ll be moving in a week or so, so stay tuned for blog posts about our temporary life on the hard …

I’m not sure how I feel about becoming a landlubber – I haven’t spent more then a few nights here and there on land since moving aboard Lizzy. And while the container has an actual appartment built in and it should be warm and comfortable, it’s just not the same …

We also have plans for a sail across the pond to the UK and/or the Channel Islands, and we’ll be prepairing boat and crew during the cold months ahead. If nothing else, planning sailing trips for the next season is what gets us through winter 😉

For the next couple of months, most blogs will be about surviving winter, landlubbering and a LOT of boat maintenance. And then … spring! With, hopefully, a lot of blog posts about sailing and our liveaboard live. We should be back out on the boats by March, if all goes well.

For now, thank you so much for visiting the brand new Lizzy Belle 2.0 🙂 Sorry there’s not much to read yet, but I hope you like the look of the site and will be back to follow along with us during winter.

Please feel free to leave a comment about the anything you’d like me to blog about the next couple of months. The silver lining to this landlubber-thing is decent internet -woohoo!- so I should be able to check the comments and post regularly.




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I'm a Dutch liveaboard sharing my 29' home with a fluffy cat. I'm floating apart together with a fellow liveaboard. He builds boats for a living, I design websites. In the weekends, we set sail - or tackle our never ending to-do lists to keep it all afloat 😉 Welcome aboard!

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