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It wasn’t all that long ago I said I’d never, ever, get involved with a man again. I mean, it never ends well, does it? And most landlubbers – I say that lovingly – have a hard time understanding liveaboard life. Especially on 29 feet. A liveaboard then? Well … they’re single handers for a reason, usually …

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. All the old (Dutch) blogbook entries are gone, so I have to start at the beginning …

In 2012, I bought an Ohlson 29 and decided to become a full-time liveaboard. I packed up the cat, two boxes of stuff and a weekend bag full of clothes and that was it. It’s actually pretty simple; you get rid of your land based home and 99% of all the stuff in it, and stay on your boat. Voila: you’re now a liveaboard.

I moved aboard at the end of Februari, and I lucked out: it was an early and sunny spring, so that made it all pretty easy. The first winter was a rude awakening … Water was simply dripping down from the windows and hatches, and everything was cold and damp. Including my bed (in the V-berth). Long story short: I was not happy.

One of the things that make living aboard so special is the community. I know it may sound sappy, but seriously: liveaboards help each other out. Sure, some are more likable then others, and not everybody is best friends with everybody, but there is a real sense of community which makes life in your floating village a lot easier.

It took one winter to learn from more experienced liveaboards. While Dutch winters in a little 29′ plastic boat will never be easy, they are liveable now. Fast forward to my fourth winter (2016) on Lizzy Belle, which I spent pretty much all alone in a huge but empty marina. My boat besties called and informed me I was moving to a new marina. With them.

A cold and lonely winter by the sea …

Let’s call them J&B, my boat besties. They’re a liveaboard couple I met during my first winter on the boat. Eventhough we ended up in diffentent marina’s, we always kept in touch. They didn’t think much of where I ended up, and they were moving to another marina which they thought would be a perfect place to stay for me too. So I went there and arrived in April of 2017.

I’m writing this on the 1st of November of that same year, and wow has my life changed! Reuniting with B&J has been just lovely, and the new marina is in the middle of a cute historic town (instead of a quiet, half empty sea marina in the middle of nowhere). And within a month of arriving at my new marina, I met a fellow liveaboard with the most beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest smile. Couldn’t quite get him out of my mind after a Liveaboard Potluck BBQ …

We were off to a bit of a rocky start, Tijn and I. Neither of us was all that interested in a relationship; we were both happy singles and weren’t planning on changing that. For a while, we both struggled, trying to figure out if we were going to follow head or heart. And when we agreed on heart, we had to figure out how to do that … Well, we’re still kinda figuring that one out, to be honest 🙂

my first shorty – a gift, ‘cos my man doesn’t want to always swim alone 🙂

Tijn lives on a beautiful Victoire 1270, sy Philos. Since a 42 ft blue water cruiser is more comfortable then a 29 ft cruiser/racer, we spend most of our time together on his boat. I devide my time between both of our boats, which works for both of us. And let’s be honest: 42 ft is a big boat, but it’s not a lot of room. Having Lizzy Belle nearby keeps both of us happy and sane.

So – that’s the story so far, in a nutshell. Winter is coming, and we’re getting ourselves and the boats ready. And we’ll become landlubbers for a bit (!!) – more on that in a later post. For now, have a lovely day and I hope to see you here again soon. Cheers and thanks for reading!

Hi! I'm Martine

I'm a Dutch liveaboard sharing my 29' home with a fluffy cat. I'm floating apart together with a fellow liveaboard. He builds boats for a living, I design websites. In the weekends, we set sail - or tackle our never ending to-do lists to keep it all afloat 😉 Welcome aboard!

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