Lizzy Belle & Crew

Learn a bit more about the Ohlson 29 known as Lizzy Belle and her crew

Little Lizzy Belle is an Ohlson 29, designed by Einar Ohlson. The Ohlson 29 was built in Artekno between 1970 and 1976. In 1975, Winga Marin aquired the rights to the design and a modified version became the Winga 29. Several hundred boats have been built, under both names.

I bought Lizzy Belle in 2012; here’s what she looked like then:

Her stats:
LOA: 29.83′ / 9.09m ♦ LWL: 24.00′ / 7.32m ♦ Beam: 9.33′ / 2.84m ♦ Draft: 5.17′ / 1.58m ♦ Displacement: 7100 lbs./ 3221 kgs. ♦ Ballast: 2100 lbs. / 953 kgs.

This is a Winga 29 drawing, but the Ohlson 29 is pretty much the same. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what modifications were made to the Ohslon designs to turn it into the Winga.
The only thing I noticed is that the galley (which is basically just a 2 burner stove) is designed just a little better, tho you still have to sit on the stairs to use it.

It’s a racer/cruiser, and she sails like a charm. But speed costs comfort, so she’s not an obvious choice for a liveaboard boat 😉

And then there’s us … her crew 🙂



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